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Kirsten Drunkst Falls Off Wagon Right Onto Her Eye But Is Still Working 20.May.2008

On location and doing her own stunts... which is more than we can say for another Cirque Lodge alumnus. For some people the 12-step program only works if they're 12 paces or less from the bar; otherwise, it's just too much bother. Kirsten might be one of those people.

I'm wondering what studio or manager picked up the tab to send Toofy McDrunkst off to Utah to sober up. Whoever it was has to be livid right now. Just weeks after being released from Cirque Lodge Kirsten was spotted back in a bar, pounding rum and cokes and whiskey shots, and pressing her egg-in-a-sock chest against every male who came an inch or two within licking distance. The Drunkster gets a little frisky when she drinks that brown liquor.

Kirsten is currently filming a movie in the city and Connecticut. So far she hasn't missed any shoots, but she did sport this suspicious black eye the other day. That double vision sure is a bitch, I guess.