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Demented Skank Vs. Infected Whore: The Paris-lindsay Feud Wobbles On 29.Jan.2008

Blohan rides again!!Why don't they just slap and claw it out already? It's not like either girl has hair of her own; it shouldn't hurt too badly when it's yanked out by the roots. But that's not good enough for two bitches as spoiled as Paris and Lindsay. For the last year or so Wonky and Firecrotch have been having a f**k war, to put it quite plainly. They act like they're snatching their lovers from the brink of incurable social diseases when in actuality they've done more to spread STD's than the working girls.

Recently both girls were spotted with Stavros Niarchos within days of each other. Stavros got spooked and headed to South America. Then on New Year's Eve Paris was spotted canoodling with Brody Jenner, although he denies it, and now he's been spotted over the weekend partying until 4 AM with a seriously dilated Lindsay in New York City. Since getting out of rehab, Lindsay had been staying with thisclose friend Courtenay Semel, but Courtenay must have gotten disgusted with all the wanton sex and threw her ass out. Now Paris has been hitting the gay clubs again for late night ... snacks. This is all very disturbing. What kind of contest is this, and what will the prize be?