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Move Over, Meryl Streep! Heidi Montag Has Loftier Ambitions Than Just Spencer's Slag 06.Jun.2008

Heidi and the lampshadeGet this - Heidi Montag wants to be taken seriously. She's more than just an airhead on a lame reality show. She's more than a pasty white bimbo in a too-small bikini. Just look at the passion, the red-hot lust she infuses all her staged photos with. You just can't make that kinda shit up, people. We're talking thespian, people.

I think Heidi is starting to believe all the crap Slim Goodbody keeps whispering in her ear as he fondles her left breast. Always the left one. Don't ask why. Anyway ... Heidi tells In Touch that she has bigger plans than just a reality show and trashy, tacky fashion line - she wants to be a really big star. "I plan to win an Oscar. I? m very ambitious."

Um, OK. Didn't Lindsay Lohan say that once? At least Lindsay can act, and maybe will again now that she's got Sam keeping her in line. I think Heidi will milk her 15 minutes of tabloid fame dry, and end up doing webcam porn. Or she and Slim will get married and have some redrum kids. I think she'd be equally happy either way.