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Oh, No She Didn't! Mimi Slips The Mofo To The Mighty O On Live Show 21.Sep.2009

Experiencing ... massive ... internal bleeding: OOF!Whoa. And then Nick slipped a few discs and ruptured his spleen. Poor little buddy - he really gave it his all, but she's easily twice his size.

Mariah is doing the much dreaded talk show tour in support of her upcoming film, Precious, a role for which she has earned rave reviews. It's everything Glitter hoped to be. Mimi's said to be downright ragged in this movie - no makeup, dirty and disheveled - an abrupt departure from her usual divalicious self.

But filming is over and the lip blotters, towel holders and sippy cup holders are busier than ever and grateful to get work in this economy. They've been working double-time making sure Mimi looks her best ... but someone forgot to give her her meds or something, because she dropped the MF-bomb LIVE on Oprah. Poor Nick must have shit his britches, but the Ops seemed to take it all in stride. Maybe she thought she was talking about the First Lady who had the audacity to cockblock her. Few puny mortals deny the Mighty O and live to tell the tale. Look what happened to Stedman.