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Omg! I Can't Believe Who Is Getting A Hills Spin-off!! Neither Can Lauren! 06.Jun.2008

Lauren and WhitneyThough thank God it is Whitney and not Spencer and Heidi because I am pretty sure blood would actually come out of my ears if they were given an entire half hour. Actually, it is not Brody as was predicted but instead it is the intelligent and drama-free Whitney Port. The show will be about her new life in New York. I don't know what they will call it ("The Murry Hills" maybe? No, that was just bad. The Village? ) Anyway, I will leave that up to the brilliant minds at MTV. It will center around her new career with People's Revolution and her new circle of friends which is rumoured to include socialite Olivia Palermo. I hope Whitney knows her social life will now be filmed by cameras and that she will have to sell her soul to the devil like her fake work friend Lauren. Oh man. New Yorkers are gonna hate this and throw garbage at them. It's going to be delicious!WhitneyOlivia Palermo