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Who Made Who? The Blind Item About A Rocker, A Celebrity And The Gift That Keeps On Giving 21.Apr.2008

Looking for new BFFKinda thought this one was coming down the road. I'm actually surprised it took this long, if it is who I think it is.

My good buddy (well not really, but I adore his blog) EL from Crazy Days and Nights has the best blind items. The best part? Every few months EL does a mass reveal, picking out a few of his favorites and actually naming the names. That's hot.

Speaking of, EL ran a great blind item recently that went like this: "The celebrity musician and the celebrity socialite. Who gave who, the herp? They both are accusing the other. Hell with as many people as they have both been through, this one will be tough to figure out."

Gee, does that mean the double wedding is off?