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Is Nicky Hilton Anorexic? Once Curvy Socialite, Now Scrawny Bag Lady 26.Jun.2008

Olive Oyl's got nothin' on youNo, she's not living on the streets. I'm talking about her handbags, silly. Speaking of bags, though, I bet the one she's carrying weighs more than she does right now.

What happened to Nicky? She used to have nice curves. Now she looks positively ill. Do her parents not see her wasting away, or are they turning a blind eye to her illness like they are to her other siblings' shortcomings? It's hard to tell with Kathy - she's so glib no matter what the news - and Rick, well, he just looks like he'd rather climb into a bottle of scotch.

Whoever is telling Nicky that she looks good in this state is obviously either off their rocker or has an eating disorder themselves. She may have had her share of financial troubles lately, but I'm sure she can afford a sandwich. She looks like Nicole Richie looked before she got pregnant. Or Amy Winehouse without the crack scabs and head lice.