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Pretty Fertile: One Nut Bike Boy To Be Dad Again Without Medical Intervention 27.Dec.2008

I had to pay for mine!They probably weren't even trying; they haven't been dating that long, and Lance probably assumed he couldn't conceive without in vitro. His first wife, Kristin, used it for all three kids after he was treated for cancer. When he and Sheryl Crow broke up after three years it was rumored to be because she wanted to make babies and he didn't. She chose to take the high road, saying that they were just "at different points in their lives." Shortly thereafter Sheryl adopted her son, Wyatt, and is now the devoted mother she always wanted to be. Hearing that he knocked up a girl he's been dating for less than a year without any treatments must be upsetting.

As typically insensitive to anyone else's feelings as ever, Lance issued a statement that he and Anna are having a baby this coming June and were looking forward to spending the holidays as a family. What a shocker! Such words of commitment and caring! All this from he who swore never to be tied down again. It wasn't just Sheryl's heart he broke. He sent Kate Hudson packing when she got too clingy. The Olsen twins were just too young. Even Ivanka Trump wasn't good enough. What's this Anna got that they don't? I couldn't find a picture of her online, but did learn that she works for a non-profit for cancer providers.