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Megan Nicole guest stars in the Popples 24.Mar.2016

Megan Nicole will make her animated debut as Squeaky Pop in an upcoming episode of Popples, a Netflix original series for kids.

Popples follows the wacky adventures of the BPP's (Best Popple Pals), Bubbles, Sunny, Lulu, Izzy and Yikes. An amazing species of creatures, Popples are able to pop into and out of balls and roll around their city of Popplopolis at will.

Pop music star and YouTube sensation Megan Nicole will lend her voice to the new Popples original song, "Together with My Friends" in the episode titled "Fallen Pop Idol"

Since rising to fame on YouTube in 2009, Megan Nicole has achieved celebrity status, releasing her debut album ESCAPE in 2014 before embarking on her nationwide Sweet Dreams tour. Megan Nicole is currently working on all-new music, releasing soon.

"Megan Nicole is an exceptionally talented and charismatic singer, who strongly resonates with today's generation of kids," said Janet Hsu, CEO of Saban Brands. "With these attributes, and her fun, energetic and colorful personality, Megan Nicole adds an exciting new dynamic to the series and seamlessly fits into the Popples world."

In "Fallen Pop Idol," famous pop star Squeaky Pop comes to Popplopolis for a concert. Bubbles, her biggest fan, is chosen as her personal assistant, but Squeaky Pop soon turns out to be more than she bargained for.

"Fallen Pop Idol" premieres worldwide on Netflix on March 11 as part of the 10-episode season 2 of Popples.




SOURCE Saban Brands