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Change begins with your underwear 23.Mar.2016

The Greenest Panties In The World.

PACT Apparel is a team bringing a story of change to the everyday apparel category with its line of super soft organic and fair trade cotton basics.

The rise of fast fashion and GMO's have had devastating effects on cotton farmers throughout India. This video focuses on the companies, organizations, and individuals who are pushing back and supporting organic cotton farmer and promoting products made from organic cotton. These collective efforts aim to make cotton farming a sustainable practice for families, and to expose the many flaws that exists within supply chains of major clothing manufacturers today.

Sunrise Strategic Partners, LLC ("Sunrise"), a newly formed Boulder, CO-based accelerator of emerging brands co-founded by Steve Hughes and Trilantic North America, announced today (25/02/2016) a minority investment in PACT Apparel ("PACT")

The investment from Sunrise will enable PACT to accelerate growth by focusing on increasing distribution and investing in marketing. This investment marks the first for Sunrise, a newly formed investment vehicle that provides growth capital and expertise to early stage health and wellness brands to support their development, add strategic value and share guidance on tactical priorities.





SOURCE Sunrise Strategic Partners