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Oh This Could Very Interesting. Jennifer, Brad And Angelina Are Attending The Oscars. 26.Jan.2009

JenniferJennifer has been asked to be a presenter at the Oscars and Oscars favorite couple of the year will also be there. You know the camera will be panning to Angelina and Brad the minute Jen walks out on the stage. It will be classic. Apparently John Mayer really encouraged her to go. Maybe he will accompany and got on stage and do some of his stand-up comedy. Plus, did you hear Jennifer rescued a dog that had run away from its owner? Now, yes, because of Jen who starred in Marley & Me many people have trouble looking at dogs anymore without wanting to kill themselves but that is pretty heroic. Angelina may adopt children from every poor country but Jen chased after a dog. Pretty equal in my eyes.Brangelina