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Lindsay Lohan To Design Bags For Ed Hardy, Will Not Throw In Free Eight Ball 23.Mar.2010

Do I get the money up front? My how the cracky have fallen. This is the girl who used to sit front row center at all the top runway shows. This same girl was banned from Bryant Park this year and fired from Ungaro after a disastrous first show. I don't get how this girl still gets hired, even if it is for a bullshit job. Who in their right mind would want to associate their brand with such a soup sandwich?

Ed Hardy, that's who. Apparently they'll hire anyone - Kevin Federline, Jon Gosselin ... and now the Blohan. Lindsay has been brought in to design handbags, and with her boundless energy (read: Adderall, blow, etc.) already has three collections in development and "numerous more are expected". She probably hasn't slept in days, busy "pulling things online and from magazines for ideas." In other words, she's copying other people's work. Again. Once a thief always a thief.

Would I buy an Ed Hardy bag? Hmm, probably not. Tacky does not begin to describe. Would knowing that Lindsay Lohan designed said bag change my mind? Not likely. She used to be well put-together, but lately she looks like a can of smashed assholes. I'd be surprised if any of these bags actually made it into production. I'll be amazed if she's still "working for" Hardy by the end of summer. Neither party is known for long-term commitments, and she's not worth the aggravation.