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Courtney Love Went Out To Play, Brought Her Extra Skin Just In Case 16.Feb.2009

So much skin, so little soulWow. I wonder if that shit flaps in a strong breeze ... she could always get a job as a wind sock.

Courtney Love and Madonna could be cousins lately. If Courtney wasn't such a lazy slob, that is. She looks like Madge's flabby cousin, the one that sits in the corner and talks to her invisible friends. She's not quite as old as Granny Gristle, but she's got the same 'do and pasty pancake face. Is it deliberate?

One thing ol' Court may want to look into is a few tucks here and there. After her widely-reported but hotly denied gastric band surgery she dropped mad weight, and now she's got too much skin. She must be one of those women who only cares what she looks like from the front. I dunno, she could look like ... a gorilla ... back there and we would never know.