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Sherri Shepherd Tried Shopping Costco, But Was Intimidated By Larger Economy Size Products 14.Jan.2008

What I can't see can't hurt meMaybe it was that odd fuschia collar. Maybe it was because her membership expired months ago. Now that Elizabeth has given birth to her Taylor Thomas, Sherri's days as a View hostess are numbered. She wouldn't have lasted too much longer anyway - her religious beliefs and blatant stupidity sealed her fate long ago.

But until she has another steady gig Sherri needs to watch her dollars, so it's off to Costco she go. That whole warehouse setting is just so intimidating, though. She could swear she felt someone watching her as she made her way through the Superdome-sized outlet. It wasn't the first time she'd felt this way, but she usually started to feel better once she got outside. This time, however, the feeling only intensified as she walked into the parking lot. Panicking, Sherri abandoned her shopping cart and bolted for her car. Next week she goes back to pilfering paper goods from gas stations and diners.