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Good Going Hollywood. You Figured Out How To Make Fairytales Sexy! Amanda Seyfried Is Red Riding Hood! 18.Nov.2010

Amanda Seyfried in RRRThe trailer for Amanda Seyfrieds' latest film Red Riding Hood is here and it looks a little bit like Twilight except in this one we went straight to the wolves. It actually literally does look like Twilight because it was directed by Catherine Hardwicke. Anyway, in this new retelling Red Riding Hood aka Valerie falls for a woodcutter even though her family disproves and then there is always this werewolf haunting her village. Me thinks maybe there is a connection between the woodcutter and the warewolf. Just a hunch. So really this pretty much took the Grimms Fairytale and put 80% of Twilight in it and then kept the red hood part but you know what? It looks good. I mean the wolf was always supposed to represent a dirty old man stalking a young, innocent girl but in this case thery made the wolf a hot, sexy young dude. And we know Amanda Seyfriend is willing to do some pretty kinky stuff for movies (Hello the movie Chloe) I can't wait to see what they do with Rumplestilskin.