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Nick Lachey, Wedding Singer: Who's The Chicken Of The Sea Now? 02.Nov.2010

Not getting any younger, not getting any closerLast week there was a random encounter between Jessica Simpson and her ex-husband, Nick Lachey, at a restaurant. Jess was there with some friends, and Nick was of course with his perpetual sidekick, Vanessa Manilafingers. Some said that Jess became very uptight, bitching about how he took all her money, and proceeded to guzzle margaritas and tequila shooters. Classy! Jess needs to chill: She's still making tons of money and she's got a new guy with no job or money who has all the time in the world for her.

Her ex has had a much rougher road since their split. Once the bigger star of the two, Nick fell out of favor with the public when he outgrew his boyband-ness. That's not to say that he's not talented; the man can sing. But nobody's buying, and so Nick has had to move on, grabbing appearance fees at events and resort openings. And while that's not much, it's better than his girlfriend has done since bitching her way out of Hollywood all those years ago. Look at her eyes in this picture: Why can't I be the bride? Why can't I be the bride?

Maybe she was just the hired help. See, this picture was taken in Shreveport, Louisiana at the wedding of an actor named Will Yun Lee, where Nick performed a special medley of love songs. That's right. He's a wedding singer now. How much fun that must have been for Vanessa! I wonder if she even got to sit at the same table with Nick. Hell, she might not even have been allowed to eat with the guests. No one would want to sit with her anyway. Not even Nick.