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Put Some Lipstick On That Sci-fi Channel! 20.May.2008

'Always scary when the new boss comes in to "clean house"; well, that's exactly what's happening over at the SCI-FI channel. New Boss, new dress...with a new motto: tone-down-the-geek-stigma attached to Science Fiction...Poof, it's more about "asking that simple question, ? What if? '"

? Generally speaking, the feeling within the science fiction community is that a lot of the shows on the Sci Fi Channel are watered-down versions of the real thing,? said one Sci-Fi expert.

The Sci-Fi Channel "now has as much to do with science fiction as Paris Hilton does to Shakespeare." offered another expert...especially since their biggest show is now the WWE wrestling TV show - (go figure that one out).

And certainly the scariest four words in our house: The Sci-Fi Original Movie