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It's On, Bitches! K-fed Files Papers To Take His Boys Away From Britney Before Something Really Bad Happens 08.Aug.2007

I'm surprised it took this long, but I guess he had to wait until he had sufficient evidence. Gee, that was easy.

The tangled web of Britney

According to TMZ, K-Fed's lawyer filed some kind of papers in family court today. More than likely, Kevin's finally making legal moves to wrest Sean and Jayden from their mother's sweaty grasp. With her rapidly deteriorating mental state and wild partying, it's really the safest thing for their sons, at least until she agrees to get help again.

More information is leaking out about Britney's blow-up and subsequent slapfight with her mother back in June. Apparently Britney went so far as to accuse her mother of sleeping with Kevin. That's beyond gross, y'all. We're not talking about Dina Lohan here. Lynne has always been a bit of a stage mother, but she never partied with her, and she always hated Kevin, at least until he let her visit her grandkids while they're with him. Lynne's newfound appreciation for Kevin did nothing to mollify Brit's rage.

Will Britney decide to clean up her act? Will she try to make a break for Hawaii again? Her perception of reality has become so skewed, I can't imagine her just taking this lying down. Expect holy hell to break out between these two. I hope he got his settlement money already.