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Greed Is Good? Cameron Douglas Moved Pounds Of Meth Until Busted By Feds With 1/2 Pound Of Meth 06.Aug.2009

Cameron's mug shot: Courtesy TMZAt least his dad wasn't caught with even more, like Redmond's father was. No, I think the only thing Michael Douglas is guilty of is financing his son's extravagant lifestyle - and paying him to stay away.

Michael Douglas has been trying to help his son Cameron for years, but I guess it finally got to the point that he had to just send him away. With Daddy covering his bills Cameron had plenty of time to devote to his true love: drugs, drugs and more drugs. Once it was coke, but now it's meth, and he wasn't just abusing drugs. He was a big-time hustler, and the DEA popped him for moving half a pound of crystal, or as he and his friends called it, "bath salts".

Now Cameron is in very, very deep doo-doo. The DEA has been tracking him for three years, during which he's alleged to have moved "multiple pounds" cross-country from New York to Cali and back again. Now he's facing as much as ten years in jail. Hopefully Daddy won't buy his way out of this jam. He's 30 years old; time to get off the family tit and be a man.