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The Scream 4 Cameos Are Getting Ridiculous!! 28.Aug.2010

Shanae Grimes and Lucy HaleThe Scream 4 cameos are getting a little out of hand. I mean the fact that this film is being made is a little ridiculous to start and now everyone who has a role on a show on the CW or ABC Family gets to be in Scream. Besides having Adam Brody, Hayden Pannetiere and Emma Roberts as main cast members now Kristen Bell, Anna Paquin, Shanae Grimes and Lucy Punch are all doing cameos either as themselves or as young startlets (sortuv an homage to Ocean's 11). But actually this makes sense because the first Scream also starred Miss Neve Campbel l who was the star of teen drama Party of Five and then by Scream 2 Tori Spelling, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Rebecca Gayheart were there. The teen horror drama is all about taking teen TV stars and making them think they may have a chance at a film career but as Sarah Michelle Gellar can tell you, it probably won't work out. Hayden and Emma filming Scream 4