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Oh Yeah. This Is Happening. Swiftenhaal Is Totally On. 02.Dec.2010

Swiftenhaal on Us Weekly!Oh and Taylor was also named Entertainer of the Year by Entertainment Weekly but who cares about that now that we have confirmation that T-Swizzle and Jakers have been dating for five whole weeks! They walked around Park Slope! They drank coffee together in Nashville! Twice! I mean this is the stuff of a Tolstoy romance. No, but apparently Jake has been looking for a low key girl after dating the intense Reese Witherspoon for three years and apparently the 20-year-old Taylor is all about being laid back when she isn't winning 20 Grammy's or prancing around on stage singing about what a liar John Mayer is. And Jake also must like the fact that she constantly looks like she should be prancing around a meadow singing to birds. Anyway, this should be looked at a win-win for the public. If they stay together they looks super cute and if they break up we know we will get an amazing song out of Taylor about how Jake has no soul or something.Taylor on EW