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Why Does Everyone Say Madonna Isn't Aging Naturally? No Red Strings Harmed In Making Of This Face 11.Aug.2008

Kabbalah thisI don't see any Botox, do you? Must be all that healthy living and excessive exercise. Yes, she's turning 50, but she only looks good from the neck down.

Madge has always been driven, especially professionally. She was just a starstruck kid from the Midwest who ran away to the Big Apple and just kept beating doors down until someone gave her a good track to sing against. She was never known for her singing or dancing talent. Madonna's talent lies in knowing how to pick the next big thing ... and plaster her name all over it. For example, voguing was around for months before she recorded her song.

Keeping that edge has proven a bit more challenging over the years, but she still knows how to entertain, almost as well as she knows how to manipulate the media. And she's not afraid to throw anyone under the bus to achieve her goals. She could care less about the state of Alex Rodriguez's marriage and did little to discourage gossip about their alleged affair ... but has no qualms about pressuring him to donate to her pet causes. Have you heard any divorce rumors lately for Guy and Madge? No, of course not. They're doing just fine. The rumors were just that, and their mission has been accomplished. Everyone can go back to bed with their Blackberries and sleep well.