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Has Beyonce Been Working Out? How Else To Explain Her Magically Larger Chest? 17.Mar.2009

No shaving mishaps here!I mean, it's not like she'd have plastic surgery, right? Even though it has been rumored from time to time that she's had some help she's always denied it. Maybe she's just having a late growth spurt, or she's put on a few pounds - she might be one of those lucky girls who puts on weight in her chest first. (Most of us only gain weight there last, after the belly and ass.)

Of course in all fairness this picture looks seriously airbrushed. It barely looks like her. So it's not inconceivable that the artist added a little padding to her shiny chest. And what's up with the swell/swelling being up by her collarbones? Has she been training for a triathlon in her off time? Not likely. She's probably got Solange out there running laps for her.

All the same, this month's Vogue cover girl looks great. More than likely that's because Anna wouldn't let B wear one of her Mom's tacky dresses. After that Oscars fiasco she probably isn't even taking her calls.