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Hideous New Couple: Carrot Top Sinks To New Lows, Male Bonding With Criss Angel 26.Feb.2008

What's grosser than gross? This is what happens when too much testosterone meets a very suspicious new heavy beard. What is Criss Angel trying to hide on his face? Didn't the Valtrex kick in yet?

Criss and His Roided Redness were rehearsing for a new Vegas show. Well, it's not a signed act yet, but they've got a dollar between them and a load of pipe dreams, so hey, it could happen. It looks like whatever else they've got in that pipe is getting them a little hyper, though. They may want to slow down and let the drinks catch up.

Criss Angel seems to have a lot of time on his hands lately. Does he live in Vegas full time now? Maybe he's still in hiding from his ex-wife. She's probably frozen his bank accounts and sold all of his baseball cards. The only thing he has left is all that tacky jewelry, which looks more and more like QVC meets Home Depot. Worthless, but you could tow a cement truck with it.