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The Lohan Chronicles: 10 Days And Counting. Don't Look Now - Here Comes Daddy! 07.Sep.2007

Aah, what a joyous reunion. I almost felt tears welling in my eyes. Oh, wait. It's allergy season.

Did you bring anything?

While the pictures were brought to us by x17Online, one has to wonder who set up the photo op. The Cirque Lodge has been pretty diligent in protecting Lindsay from prying paps, but Utah isn't on the usual x17 beat. I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count. That's right - White Oprah waves her magic wand yet again.

Dina Lohan is some piece of work. She talks recovery and healing from one side of her mouth, and uses the opportunity to trash her ex-husband yet again, saying that she "really wanted her to have closure a really long time ago, so she could come to terms with the abusive behavior that myself and my children endured when they were younger." Oh, really? What about the damage you've done getting drunk and coked up with and in front of those kids?

Lindsay is due to be released in just ten days. Her mother has reportedly cut off access to her money to protect her from herself (snicker, snicker). Will Lindsay end up like Brandon Davis, mooching from friends to support a decadent lifestyle? Or will she finally wise up and kick both parents to the curb? One of the keys to successful recovery is getting away from the enablers who helped you end up where you did. If Dina's holding the purse strings, Lindsay will have no choice but to cop from her dealers ... and share with Mommy, just like the good old days.