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Booze Clues: The Hoff On 5150 Hold, Ex-wife Gets Dui The Next Night. Who's Watching The Kids? 29.Nov.2009

You do, big boy. You do.Nobody's watching the kids. The kids have apparently been watching the parents, or at least trying to. They've got the whole medical emergency thing down pat, and have the sense to call an ambulance when needed. When the parents divorced there was a lot of name-calling and mud-slinging about substance abuse. I think they've both got major problems; Pamela was just better at keeping hers hidden - until now.

The night after David's most recent hospitalization, Pamela took her girls out for dinner to comfort and console them. Unfortunately, she also sought to comfort and console herself - with a bunch of drinks - and got popped for a DUI. She blew a .14, which translates to at least half in-the-bag, and there's no word whether she had her daughters in the car with her. She bailed out the next morning and said she was going straight to an AA meeting.

Her ex-husband will not be able to join her. The doctors at Cedars-Mt. Sinai have slapped a 5150 psychiatric hold on him, which means they're keeping him for at least 72 hours. Perhaps they can persuade him to finally get rehabbed. Hey, maybe Dr. Drew will take them - they'd be perfect for Celebrity Rehab.