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Sad But True: Years Of Smoking And Drug Abuse Have Severely Stunted Donatella's Growth 24.Mar.2008

How's the weather up there? Don't laugh. She used to be 6'3", but that was before Studio 54 and the Limelight. Since then she's shrunken faster than the polar ice caps; if she doesn't slow down soon, she'll be only two feet tall by 2015.

Donatella isn't worried. By then she'll be about 135 years old. We say about because we'd have to cut her in half and count the rings to be sure, and they haven't made a saw that can do that yet.

Regardless of her rings, leathery skin or alleged penchant for surgical enhancement, Donatella has emerged as a force majeur in fashion since her brother Gianni's senseless death eleven years ago. Likewise, the House of Versace has come back from the staggering loss bigger and better than ever. But Donatella, she continues to shrink, and soon will be like a little nymph on a shelf, chain-smoking and barking out orders to her much larger assistants.