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Omigod. They Really Are All Out To Get Britney. No Wonder She Left Town With Adnan Again. 10.Jan.2008

Going to just get away from it allIn their breathless blow-by-blow style, TMZ has brought us all the Britney news as it happens, if not before. The emotional roller coaster continued yet again today, as the Spears family publicly laid into Dr. Phil for his betrayal of their trust. In continuation of that theme, Adnan and his agency are shopping nudie pics of Britney all over town. Yeah. Like we haven't seen that before.

The biggest buzz of all, though, was on commitment: no, not to Adnan, or to her children. Britney's family (and God knows who else by now) are said to be working on getting her committed, voluntarily or not. I don't practice law in California (or anywhere else, for that matter), but I believe that means they'd have to call the cops on her to put that into motion. The cops would then come, take her on another 5150 call, and they'd have to call an emergency hearing to prove she's a danger to herself or others. All ugly between family members, but what else can they do? First they have to find her. x17 Online says Britney skipped town this afternoon with Adnan on a private jet out of Van Nuys. Stay tuned ...