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Nicole Helps Fat People 31.May.2007

NicoleWell it was a busy Memorial Day weekend for Nicole. Surprisingly, she was the only one of her friends who didn? t get a DUI and check into rehab, drank an antibiotics cocktail that resulted in a hospital visit and prepared for a jail stint. Nicole is actually looking rather stable right now. Okay, yes that email was leaked but obviously she was kidding. I mean that is what she said on the Ryan Seacrest show and we all know no one lies to the Seacrest. Plus she still makes me laugh on ? The Simple Life? unlike her partner in crime who has absolutely nothing intelligent to say. On this season of ? The Simple Life? they go to a fat camp to work as counselors. It is kind of ridiculous to see the world? s skinniest woman give colonics to obese people but somehow Nicole pulls it off. Of course when Nicole, while sitting around the camp fire, said it was as difficult to be called too skinny as too fat I almost gagged as everyone ate dinner while surprisingly Nicole and Paris ate nothing.