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Ummm Omfg Leighton Meester? What Are You Wearing? You Need To Get Some Fashion Tips From Blair Waldorf Stat. 19.Nov.2009

LeightonLeighton Meester has obviously started to adopt the Lady Gaga scare your audience into loving you tactic to her wardrobe. She was seen wearing this concoction at the opening of the new American Eagle store in TImes Square where she also sang. She saved the extra crazy outfit for her performance and wore a slightly tamer one to walk the carpet but her make-up was very Jokerish. So apparently because she is a musician she is allowed to dress like a crazy person? Now usually Leighton has the occasional fashion misstep (she tried to wear very avant garde couture to the the Met Costume Gala and she looked like a reject from Cirque Du Soleil) but lately it seems like she just can't do right. She needs to borrow clothes from the fabulous Gossip Girl wardrobe closet as soon as possible. She makes Blake Lively look like a classy, prude. Blake Lively! Classy!LeightonBlake and Leighton filming