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Obama's Words Are Not His Own. No Wonder Oprah Likes Him So Much 19.Feb.2008

She's got a thing for plagiarists. They get her so hot.

Barack Obama is a gifted, passionate speaker. His oratory gifts are sweeping voters off their feet from coast to coast. Only trouble is the words he utters belong to another, and just because he said it's okay doesn't make it right to deceive the public.

A speech Obama gave on February 16 was almost identical to one given by Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick gave on October 15, 2006. Check it out for yourself:

In a society where the remake has become standard fare, it is truly disheartening to hear a Presidential candidate rehash another politician's words, regardless of the reason, without acknowledging his source. It is sorrier still that his act of outright plagiarism is not making the headlines it should. Most people, if asked, would probably shrug it off. It's just words, right? Maybe to you, Barack.