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90s Hair Band Whitesnake Now Selling Zinfandel. I Wonder If It Tastes Like Tawny Kitaen 21.Jun.2010

Snake oil? Or something even worse ...Seems like everybody and their mother is either making wine or creating their own fragrance. Nobody wants to smell like a washed-up rock star, but it's OK to drink like one, I guess.

One of the most annoying bands of that era, Whitesnake was fronted by the most annoyingly pretentious, full-of-himself singer, David Coverdale. They had a few hits and faded into the sunset with the rest of the AquaNet junkies. I guess the guys blew through their millions, though, and let's face it: they couldn't sell out an arena these days to save their lives. So they scraped up some cash and bought themselves a private label. There are vineyards that will do that, sell you a barrel and slap your label on it. Voila! You're a vintner!

Wanna try some? Better bring some bank. Folks interested in imbibing in Whitesnake's "bodacious, cheeky little wine, filled to the brim with the spicy essence of sexy, slippery Snakeyness" (VOMIT HERE) can order direct from Whitesnake's website for just $29.95 a bottle - minimum order 12 bottles. And that doesn't include shipping. You're talking about roughly 400 bucks for something that may or may not be palatable. I mean, bodacious? Cheeky? Maybe. Slippery Snakeyness? I think I'll pass.