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The Trailer For No Strings Attached Is Here!! Ashton Kutcher Finally Convinced Natalie Portman To Do A Romcom!! 06.Nov.2010

Natalie and Ashton in NSAApparently he has wanted to work with her for years but weirdly enough Natalie just wasn't interested in making the sequel to Dude Where's My Car? So Mr.Kutcher had to look for other films that the Harvard graduate/Oscar nominee would be persuaded by. Though Natalie is a great dramatic actress (V for Vendetta, Closer) it is great to see her lighten up a bit. Plus we know she has some comedic chops after her memorable hosting gig on Saturday Night Live. Anyway, the story is classic though an entire film has never been completely devoted to it. Unfortunately two films about friends that start having sex with eachother but don't want a romantic relationship and then (surprisingly) find that this doesn't work so easily are coming out in 2011. Apparently they were both called Friends With Benefits at first but the Natalie/Ashton vehicle had to change. The Justin Timberlake (how many movies does he have coming out)/Mila Kunis movie is still called Friends With Benefits. The trailer has some funny moments and they make it look somewhat realistic that Portman's character, a driven tiny doctor, doesn't have time for a real relationship so she turns to her extremely hot best friend, played by Kutcher, who seems to do nothing all day. Plus Mindy Kaling is in it which means some awesomeness. The film comes out in February. Watch the trailer below.