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Holy Bandaids! Will Bai Ling Be Nicole Richie's New Stepmother? 29.Jul.2009

Good Grandma? I had a good chuckle reading about this. Recently divorced Lionel Richie has apparently been out catting around now that he's a free man. And you can't blame a man his age for zooming on a much younger woman. But Bai Ling? Nicole must be fuh-reakin' OUT.

I've always kinda liked Bai. She's just so weird and quirky. If she could just keep her nipples covered she'd be invited to a lot more A-list red carpet events, but the girl is trying. She's given up the Band-Aids for more sophisticated couture, and perhaps that's what got Lionel's attention.

If Bai becomes a fixture in the Richie household, it would make those family get-togethers all kinds of awkward. What on earth could they possibly talk about around the table? And what does Harlow think of Grampy's new squeeze?