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Tom Cruise Miserable With Empty Womb And Poor Servicing, But Katie Would Rather Work 14.May.2009

I can grow my hair and stand up straight again!Real work, that is, not fulfilling the terms of their marriage contract. She may not get paid as much, but it gets her out of the house and she can wear heels again.

In the midst of all the other breakup rumors comes the latest from the Enquirer, who claim that Little Man Cruise is pissed that Katie won't let him get her pregnant again. He allegedly complains that they aren't having sex enough, and he's anxious to plant his diminutive seed in her wonder womb again. Katie, on the other hand, has better things to do with her time. Her career is actually picking up some steam, and she's reluctant to lose that momentum and get stuck handing out pamphlets at the airport again. (OK, maybe they didn't do that, but she is starting to get that Moonie blank stare in the eyes.)

Will Katie be allowed to continue pursuing her career, or will Tom find a way to put a kibosh on it all? He usually persists until he just wears her down, but maybe not this time. Katie has been showing some signs of stubborn independence. If she can't manage to escape, the best she can hope for is to become an even bigger star than Tom. That would really knock him off his lifts, wouldn't it?