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Naomi Campbell Beats Help With Phone Again, This Time Getting Apology From Victim 08.Mar.2010

Will f**k your s**t upShe's eight feet tall, has a borderline psychotic temper and more money than all of us combined. You'd apologize too if she was coming back to beat your ass again. Naomi has been violently assaulting employees and random strangers alike for years. It's a feeling she'll never outgrow.

The last time Naomi got in trouble for assault in New York, she ended up doing community service - scrubbing toilets and the like. She walked in and out of there like visiting royalty - she even had her police escort carrying her Birkin bag! - and went on to pummel some more, most notably a security agent in Heathrow a couple of years ago. She's never had to face any jail time, though. Mere bars cannot hold her.

This time she's really outdone herself. While cruising Manhattan in her limo, Naomi tried to press her chauffeur for deets on what (or who) her married boyfriend was doing while he was away. When the driver refused to fess up, Naomi pounded his skull hard enough to bounce it off the steering wheel. When the driver flagged down a brownie (traffic cop) for help, the raging Amazon fled on foot.

Interestingly enough, after several hours in the local precinct, the driver had a sudden change of heart and decided not to press charges, saying he was angry and overreacted. Sounds like somebody got to him. That's like saying, "Thank you, sir. May I have another? "