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Me Has Lols: Nicolas Cage Did Shrooms With His Cat, Peta Suspicious Of New Hairline 16.Jul.2010

Duuuude ... my head feels so huuuuuge ....No, not really. I don't think PETA gives a rat's ass about Nicolas Cage's adjustable hairline any more than they care about his latest work. Few care about him at all, but that doesn't stop him from saying the weirdest things. Cage is out and about promoting his latest flick, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, which has been roundly panned as bland and unexciting. It's been a long time since Cage made a decent film, and apparently this isn't it. Damn, he'll never get that tax debt paid down.

He is good for an odd interview, though. Nic told David Letterman that he once had a cat who loved magic mushrooms, and that one day they tripped out together, and he swears his cat could talk to him. But in a secret voice no one else could hear, right? Before you think I'm just being mean, remember this is the dude who named his son Kal-El (as in Superman), OK? I rest my case.