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And Carey Mulligan Takes The Lead In The Great Gatsby Race! 12.Nov.2010

Carey MulliganThank God. If Blake Lively gets cast as the iconic Daisy Buchanan in this Baz Luhrman remake (to Leonardo DiCaprio's Gatsby) I may poke my eyes out. Ms.Lively is stunning but I think she is too vavavoom for this ingenue role. Carey Mulligan does seem like the obvious choice though she is competing against Lively, the all-powerful Scarlett Johansson and the suddenly-everywhere Rebecca Hall (who in my opinion would possibly be the best choice.) The last time the film was made was in the 70's with Robert Redford as Jay Gatsby and the hauntingly beautiful Mia Farrow. Emma Watson is actually looking the most like Mia Farrow with these days with her new chic haircut but she may be a bit too young for the role and it is going to take a long time for some people to get over her as Hermione. Carey is the "It" girl right now so she could get it but she better start campaigning hard since Lively was already seen having dinner with Leo and Baz. However, as someone who is not a fan of Baz Lehrman, she may want to pass on this because knowing him he will add music and midgets and you know John Turturro will weasel his way in there. Blake LivelyMia Farrow and Robert Redford in The Great Gatsby