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Busted Ass Broke But In Denial: Pamela Anderson Having Trouble Staying Covered 28.Sep.2009

Needs to update job skillsHer bills, I mean. She seems to be having a lot of trouble paying her bills these days. Maybe it's how she chooses to make a living: Nobody's gonna pay top dollar to look at that anymore.

Several contractors and the California tax department are griping that Pambo's not shelling out the green anymore. All those years of champagne and Colombia's finest have drained her bank accounts, reportedly leaving her with little more than a giant half-finished house with a bunch of contractor's liens on it. There are reports of gold tiles in the swimming pool and a six-figure sound system, but that's nothing new: Pammie's been living beyond her means for years. It just took a while to catch up.

What will she do? It's hard to say - and it's getting harder for her to land gigs because of her increasingly haggard appearance. Pam's not too worried, though. She released a statement denying she was destitute and said all the bills would be paid if they were legit. That'll hold 'em off for a while, right?