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Denise Richards Reacts To News Of Charlie And Brooke's Impending Twins 25.Oct.2008

Are you kidding me? TWINS? !? Expect a press conference or court filing any minute now. Because Denise is probably livid. How dare that interloper Brooke take the sperm that she still feels is rightfully hers? And twins? !? What, just one wasn't good enough for her? Ooh!!

Yes, Charlie Sheen and his new wife, Brooke, have jumped on the latest Hollywood fad (or received the same fertility drugs) and are expecting twins. Former "cheerleader" and Charlie's ex, Denise Richards, having done her best to sabotage their relationship and most likely even their honeymoon with her endless demands and accusations, has been shut out. No longer can she dangle the love of his two little girls, Sam and Lola, over his head. With Brooke, he was able to bag two in one shot and she's young enough to pop out a few more. Denise's eggs, like the rest of her withered and used-up body, have exceeded their shelf life.

But don't count that evil shrew out just yet. There's no way in hell she's going to let Charlie drift off into the happily-ever-after. With her show canceled, she needs to get hold of that Two Men And A Baby cash. Charlie should make sure to look both ways before crossing, and maybe let the gardener start the car for a while.