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If Dakota Fanning Went To Your High School You Would Probably Be Jealous 17.Nov.2009

Dakota, Kirsten and Joan JettYeah Dakota Fanning went from being an annoyingly perfect precocious child actor to an annoyingly perfect precocious teenage actress. She is over her awkward tween phase and now is a super cute teenager who goes to high school like a normal person but makes awesome movies on the side. One day she is going to the premiere of New Moon and the next day she is being crowned homecoming queen. Way to go Dakota Fanning's school. Give the crown to a girl who already has everything in the world like literally. She is also skinny and blond and a cheerleader so she would have been popular even if she wasn't a celebrity. Plus she like actually seems nice and well-adjusted which is extremely odd for a child star. But yeah, she totally should have gotten it over some regular person that probably won't win an Oscar in the next five years. Oy. Dakota the homecoming queenDakota on Teen Vogue