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Not So Brilliant Disguise: Is Bruce Springsteen Doing The E Street Shuffle With Another Redhead? 14.Apr.2009

I'd do him, tooOh, those Jersey girls. And those Jersey boys, too. The state that gave us such gems as Gay American Governor McGreevey and Luv Guv receptacle Ashley Dupre has served up another steamy coupling: Bruce Springsteen and another flame-haired woman are named as co-adulterers in a new divorce suit.

The husband of the woman accuses the two of carrying on an affair that both Bruce and the redhead deny. They were said to have met in a gym, where eyewitnesses saw them get right cozy with each other on a number of occasions. They even allegedly quit that gym and went to another to avoid the unwanted attention.

It's not the first time the Boss has been accused of infidelity. In 2006 it was rumored he had fallen for a 9/11 widow, a story he heatedly denied. He and his wife, Patti Scialfa, have been together a long time, and still seem to be quite close, so it makes one wonder, but hey, we're talking Jersey here, so anything goes. Expect a tell-all book and/or reality show by the fall.