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Suri Has A Special Message For Nicole Kidman 07.Nov.2008

Leave my mommy alone!We all know how protective Suri is of her mother. And with good reason. Katie's a sweet girl from the Midwest swimming in a school of barley-crazed sharks. Slowly but surely they're sucking the very life from her. Nowadays she only speaks when told to, and only the words she's been told to say, or she'll have to go back to the Center again. Last time they wouldn't let her sleep for three days, until she admitted that Tom is the exalted ruler and she is just a lowly sheep in his flock.

Suri understands. She knows how lonely Mom is, away from all her friends her age. Dad doesn't let her play with other kids either. He keeps muttering something about Anonymous coming in many forms. Suri thinks he's off his rocker.

But so is Mrs. Urban, who's so happy to be away from Daddy that she can't keep her big mouth shut. Now she's saying that Mom has to have another baby because Dad and Connor want a boy. Please! Suri doesn't know about the birds and bees, but she knows enough to know that they'd have to be in the same room to make more babies, and that ain't happenin'.

And so Suri counts the days, biding her time until an opportunity to escape - with Mom - appears. In the meantime, she's asked her friends at PrettyBoring to send a message to the other mother: Butt out, lady. I'm the only baby around here, and only baby I intend to stay.