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Blair Berk Helped Yet Another Celebrity Get Away With Dui. Sambora Was .13 With 2 Kids In Car 22.Apr.2008

Not RichieA few weeks ago TMZ reported that Sambora may "dodge a bullet in his DUI bust earlier this week ... because he may not have been DUI." Um, no. Richie voluntarily submitted to a blood test, and he was most definitely drunk. At .13 he was almost twice the legal limit.

Police wanted Sambora charged with DUI and child endangerment - as he well should have been. But Richie retained celebrity savior Blair Berk; she got Lindsay Lohan and Kiefer Sutherland off with rehab and community service.

I don't think it's any coincidence that TMZ kept publishing sympathetic Sambora stories - they even quoted inside police sources as saying they felt there was no evidence of child endangerment, no smell of alcohol on his breath or evidence of dangerous or erratic driving. What, they pulled him over to get an autograph? Please. Today Richie plea bargained his case down; he'll pay about $1,600 in fines and penalties, go to booze school and be drug and alcohol free for three years. Is he the rocker who got clean through a week-long induced coma?