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You Need To Watch Samantha Who? If Only For Christina Applegate's Hair. 29.Oct.2007

Samantha Who? castI hated Married with Children with a passion and I still gave this show a chance and so should you. It is kooky and dumb and could probably never happen but that is why it is appealing and may be my favorite new show of the season. First of all, the energy Applegate puts in to each episode is amazing. Her musical theater experience has given her great preparation and each episode is like watching her do 4 major musical numbers. Second, if you liked Gilmore Girls then you will like this because the actress who played Sookie (Melissa McCarthey) is playing a similar character except even funnier. I even enjoy Jennifer Esposito who I wanted to slap when she was on that Related show because she was so affected she like didn't even speak in sentences because that was just not cute enough for her. Fourth, ( I guess we are on 4th) Jean Smart is so funny as Samantha's mom and five, Barry Watson is nice to look at (he hasn't said much so far). Oh and six her whole office is funny. The former bitchy Samantha would make her secretary start her apple (genius and makes me wish i had someone do that for me) and her boss was wonderfully evil telling everyone to go to rehab or they would be fired. It is on Monday nights at 9:30's and you should watch it because I hear Heroes sucks this season. What do you know the charm and talent of Hayden Pannetiere didn't have much lasting power. I am super surprised.