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Jilted Again: Renee Snatches Bradley Cooper From Desperate Clutches Of Great American Spinster 10.Jul.2009

How you like me now, Maniston? Catfight in Aisle 3! I want to see some hair-pulling and eye-gouging. It's not like they'd feel it - with all the Botox in their faces you could probably set them on fire and they'd would even notice.

But I'm sure Jen's noticing Star's blurb this week about Renee stealing her new Brad away from her. I guess he chose pale and squinty over brown and manly. Of course he could be playing them both, too, but it's much too soon to tell. Unless, of course, you're Star. Then it's never too soon. Their print edition this week crows about Renee "stealing" the Coop out from under Jen's masculine chin. And she's not sorry about it. That's what she gets for calling her kettle black. How dare Jen (or her pals) call her Needy Edie? If she was needy she would've married a gay country western star or something. Um, yeah.

Renee's dinner with Brad seemed a calculated move to knock that one-trick pony down to size. They were certainly not discreet; they even left the restaurant, together, via the front door, after stopping to pose for the paps. Jen, however, claims not to be fazed. She thinks he's just sowing his wild oats, and when he's ready to settle down he'll come back to her. She must be smoking better shit than all of us.