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Out With The Old Blake, In With The New: Amy Winehouse Trades Up For Younger, Cleaner Model 12.Feb.2008

Getting healthy againHey, the old one had a lot of miles and is getting a lot of wear and tear where it's being garaged for the time being. Besides, he really doesn't fit very well with her new, clean lifestyle.

Amy has reportedly been "holed up in a central London hotel with photographer Blake Wood" since the Grammy Awards on Sunday, where she took home five awards. The new Blake is a friend of Kelly Osbourne and he's been helping Kelly look after Amy as she makes her painful recovery from addiction. Amy and Blake are even said to be talking about moving in with Kelly when her treatment is over. How cheeky!

The old Blake, for what it's worth, is said to be in a panic over recent events, although it's hard to tell whether he feels more threatened by Amy's newfound sobriety than her male friends. This week he publicly denounced his sleazy family, especially diabolical mum Georgette, who has trashed Amy in the media every chance she got. He then hand-delivered a desperate love note to her on their last visit, begging her not to leave him in such dire straits. Knowing Amy she'll probably stand by her man; hopefully she'll find a way to do that sober.