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Delayed Justice, Part Ii: Oj Simpson Beaten Unconscious In Jail 24.Feb.2011

Don't drop the soapPerhaps justics is too strong a word. The skinhead who beat the bejesus out of OJ didn't do it because he was outraged that the former gridiron great got away with murder. He did it because he overheard OJ bragging about all his sexual exploits with beautiful white women. So the motivation was all wrong, but the end result is still fitting.

The National Enquirer reports that OJ spent some time on the wrong side of a beatdown, getting stomped so bad he was in the infirmary for almost three weeks. That's still not the same as being nearly beheaded in your own backyard, but that's neither here nor there. I guess. I'm sure it's a small consolation to the Brown and Goldman families.

OJ's still got at least nine more years to serve before he's eligible for parole. He's also got his football pension, which he can use to pay other inmates to protect him. We can only hope that in prison, as in real life, it's harder than hell to find good help.