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Ronaldo Es Muy Caliente! When Paris Isn't Around It Takes Three Girls To Rock His World 21.Jun.2009

It burns! It burns!Heh. Heh. Paris better hold off on moving to Madrid. This boy is having the time of his life. He's not about to settle down with one girl - at this rate he may never. If she's putting all her eggs in his basket she will have no omelet. She'd have better odds going after Stavros again.

Cristiano Ronaldo continues his whirlwind f**k-athon this week with a number of beautiful women, basically any that cross his path and respond to his "trademark wink". He doesn't even have to leave his hotel - he heads down to the bar and starts winking and grinding, and whatever sticks gets to come back upstairs with him. Even more amazingly, somehow The Sun was there. They've got names, ages, and blow-by-blow commentary.

Apparently the soccer stud was already making out with one girl when they arrived at the bar, but that didn't stop him from getting sexy lap dances from two other girls who walked in and fell prey to his "sexy, knowing wink". The girls apparently left after the little show and he went back to making out with the other girl at the bar. Good times. He better live it up while he can. If he's shagging Paris it's only a matter of weeks before the first cold sores appear. Then he'll be back to circle-jerking again.