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Free At Last? Katie And Suri Get Some Peace In Australia While Tom Boogies To Single Ladies 31.Jul.2009

I can't believe he's really gone!There's definitely something going on with TomKat. Could it be that Tom has finally relented, giving Katie the space she so desperately needs? Or is it all over except the settlement?

There have been rumors for months that these two were on the outs. I would imagine this would be devastating to Tom both personally and publicly, especially as a leading light in a high profile religious cult. It's kinda hard to preach about the wonders of a good brainwashing when your wife bails on you - with the kid. Even Nicole couldn't pull that one off, but it seems Katie has. Makes you wonder what she knows and if she threatened to use it.

Of course this could just be a case of Tom letting her work on her film without pestering her, but he sure seems to be acting like a newly single guy, hitting the clubs until the wee hours and dancing his little ass off. Instead of joining her on location he's living the jet set life, something he hasn't done in years. Something's definitely amiss, but only time will tell whether the split is permanent. She looks much more relaxed without him around, doesn't she?